Make a wish


ootd, even if the woods aren’t clear

Gonna start dressing like this(:


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by calivintage.


maria photographed by stockholm street style


Jesscia of Once upon a time


prada boots photographed by street peeper.


Bonnie of Flashes of Style

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Posting this because I have no shame, but also because look at those fucking boxers. I just kind of found this on my phone one morning (Well technically it was the afternoon at that point), and I vaguely remember stumbing into the kitchen that morning to get a bottle of water, some advil, and then stumbling over to my living room because I remembered that I had left my phone over there. Somewhere in that process this picture was taken. 
Those boxers are my favorite boxers ever. I got them two years ago from my friend Chantel as a birthday gift (she had just come back from london), and on days where I feel like I need to be RAD AS HECK I wear them. It’s like Calvin and his rocket ship underwear except im hiding the Union Jack in my pants. Only two people (3 maybe???) have witnessed these in person in their full glory. Union Jack Boxers are a privilege, and you just don’t get to experience them willy nilly. But for tumblr you guys can totally see a picture of them in the mean time.

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